luni, 25 iulie 2011

And so it is..

Kevin told her once:
"Why do you struggle so hard to write your story? To find your words... you don't even see that people are not paying atention to what you are trying to write. 
They find it boring, and exhausting and hopeless.
And I also find it unbearable to click exit.. on the page.
I find it quite shameful to pass by a person that needs to tell his story, even if you're not prepared to listen to him, even if you don't have time.. you should pay attention to what he struggles to say.
And why should you do that?
Because you never know when you can become that person.. "
And Kate replied:
" Thank you for being so thoughtful. Eventhough you've missed something... 
While you tried so hard to make people listen to what i want to say.. you've missed one tiny little detail.."
Excuse-me?said Kevin surprised.
" I presume that you never thought that i struggled so hard to get your attention... That's all I was fighting for."
Even so.. Kate forgave Kevin and she realised that she has to stop getting attention from those who aren't paying it."